Breath Deeply: Formula Drift Pro Championship In Pictures by Larry Chen


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How is it possible to create new and interesting photographs of the same people in the same series after eight years? It’s simple, because Formula Drift is the most exciting motorsport to watch. Out of all the motorsports events that we covered on Speedhunters, Formula Drift Long Beach came out on top as the highest viewed story. Out of the top 50 event stories, FD Long Beach ranked 10th, only beaten by lifestyle and car culture stories. There is no question that it is the fastest growing motorsport, and at just ten years old, the series is still just a baby. There will be growing pains, but like the rest of the FD grid, we are going to stick with it till the bitter end. I wont stop shooting FD till you pry my camera out of my cold dead hands. Take a moment and enjoy this selection of photos from this past season.