A Quick Look at Brody Goble’s Formula Drift Pro2 S13


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Brody was in town for Formula Drift round 7 at Texas Motor Speedway.  I met Brody through the ASD Mob program a couple of years back.  Brody has been kicking ass in Formula D’s Pro2 competition and is on track to earn his FD Pro license. We had the pleasure of having his S13 V8 240sx in the Enkei Wheels warehouse for a quick photo shoot.  Check out the pics and feel free to share!

Love this color scheme. The wrap was done by SBC Graphics in Washington state.

Brody is a brave soul for running his shinny SBC Enkei RPF1’s in competition. They look amazing. He’s running 18×9.5 +15 in the front and 18×10.5 +15 in the rear.

The body kit still had a few dings and scrapes from round 6 in Seattle.

Brody runs a LS2 with CNC’d LS3 heads V8 pushing about 600 whp. Some guys are running close 900-1,000 in pro so he might need to step it up to compete with the likes of Vaughn Gittin, Forsberg, etc. That being said, he’s looking pretty damn fast with what he has now.

If you were at Formula Drift Texas, or watched on Livestreme, you know how important these roll cages are. They’re proven life savers.

The control room. Simple with all the essentials.

Here a few other specs: 

– Drysump, Stroker 406ci 13:1 LS2 with CNC’d LS3 heads

– Motec ECU

– JESEL Valvetrain

– Custom Ground COMP Cam

– Edelbrock Victor Jr Intake Manifold with a FAST 4150 throttle body and K&N Sprint Car Carbon Airbox

– G-Force GSR Dogbox

– McLeod Racing Magforce Twin Disc Clutch

– Winters Quick Change

– Driveshaft Shop 1000hp axles

– KW V3 coilovers