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Excitement peaked at the Formula Drift PRO Championship Round 4 in Englishtown, NJ. USA’s Adam LZ celebrated his first-ever victory, catapulting him from 31st to 13th in the Championship standings, a spectacular leap.

Not far behind, Norway’s Simen Olsen nearly secured his inaugural victory. His electrifying final performance, which prompted a “One More Time” call, lifted him from 14th to fifth in the title race. Meanwhile, USA’s Matt Field clinched a crucial third place, reclaiming his lead in the Championship. Surprisingly, Fredric Aasbo, the three-time champion, made an unexpected exit in the Top 32 heats due to challenging weather conditions. In the climax of the fourth round, Ford stretched its lead in the 2023 Formula DRIFT PRO Auto Cup with Nitto reigning in the Tire Cup. In a remarkable echo of the unpredictable 2022 season, this year has so far crowned a different winner in each of the four rounds.

As the next round of the eight-round Formula Drift PRO Championship Tour comes near, the excitement builds for the upcoming event from July 13th to 15th at the Worldwide Technology Raceway in St. Louis, Missouri. As the stakes of the season continue to rise, competitors are focused on earning crucial championship points and fortifying their standings in the rankings. To help you make the most of this event, we’ve gathered the best bets and picks for Round 5: CROSSROADS. Stay tuned for our expert analysis, the latest odds, and insider tips to maximize your betting potential.

Schedule and How to Watch Formula Drift St. Louis

The St. Louis event spans three action-packed days, from July 13th to 15th. The event schedule is as follows:

July 13th

  • Practice Rounds:  3:30PM – 5:45PM PT

  • Qualifying Rounds:  7:00PM – 9:00PM PT

July 14th

  • PROSPEC Races

July 15th

  • Top 32 Competition: 2:00PM – 5:00PM PT

  • Top 16 Competition: 7:00PM – 9:00PM PT

To catch all the high-octane action, tune in to the official Formula Drift live stream on their website or Peacock. If you’re considering placing bets, remember to tune in to the action and look out for odds and pricing updates from NXTbets.

Best Bets and Picks for Formula Drift St. Louis

As the Formula Drift St. Louis event draws near, we’ve crunched the numbers and analyzed the data to bring you our top picks and best bets for the event.



Fredric Aasbo


Matt Field


Chelsea DeNofa


Aurimas Bakchis


Ryan Tuerck


Leading the charge is the unflappable Norwegian maestro, Fredric Aasbo, with odds at +350. Aasbo’s consistent performances, despite an unexpected exit in the Top 32 heats in New Jersey, make him a steady bet for those seeking reliable returns. Matt Field, currently leading the Championship, comes next with odds of +450. After securing a significant third place in New Jersey, he is a strong contender for the top spot.

Chelsea DeNofa, with odds at +700, is a high-reward choice. Despite a setback in the New Jersey competition, his aggressive style could see him return to form. Aurimas Bakchis, at +750, has been demonstrating consistency and is a potential game-changer.

Finally, Ryan Tuerck, currently 7th in the Championship and carrying odds of +800, could be a surprise package in St. Louis. His steady performances could lead to significant rewards for those willing to back the underdog.

Outsider Bets for Formula Drift St. Louis

While the top contenders typically bask in the limelight, there are a number of skilled drivers with less favorable odds who have the potential to cause a surprise in St. Louis. Here are our prime outsider bets for the event:



James Deane


Dylan Hughes


Adam LZ


First up, we have James Deane, the ace from Ireland, with odds at +850. Currently standing 4th in the Championship standings after placing fourth in New Jersey, Deane’s experience could lead him to outperform his higher-ranked rivals. A successful $20 bet on Deane could see a return of $201.40.

Next is Dylan Hughes, a promising talent with odds at +1200. Despite a tenth-place finish in New Jersey, Hughes’s consistent performance hints at a potential upset that could shake up the leaderboard, offering a substantial $300 return on a $20 bet.

Lastly, we have the ultimate underdog, Adam LZ, with staggering odds of +7000. Despite these odds, LZ’s remarkable jump from 31st to 13th in the Championship standings after winning in New Jersey showcases his ability to surprise. Those willing to place a high-risk, high-reward bet could see a phenomenal $1400 return on a $20 wager.

These names might not be the first ones on everyone’s lips, but their potential to stir the pot could turn the St. Louis event into an unpredictable, thrilling spectacle.

Head-To-Head Picks


(Favorites are in Bold)

Winner Odds

Aurimas Bakchis v. Chelsea DeNofa


Aurimas Bakchis v. Fredric Aasbo


Aurimas Bakchis v. James Deane


Aurimas Bakchis v. Matt Field


Aurimas Bakchis v. Ryan Tuerck


Chelsea DeNofa v. Fredric Aasbo


Chelsea DeNofa v. James Deane


Chelsea DeNofa v. Matt Field


Chelsea DeNofa v. Ryan Tuerck


Fredric Aasbo v. James Deane


Fredric Aasbo v. Matt Field


Fredric Aasbo v. Ryan Tuerck


James Deane v. Matt Field


James Deane v. Ryan Tuerck


Matt Field v. Ryan Tuerck


Expert Pick for Formula Drift St. Louis

As we prepare for the Formula Drift St. Louis showdown, our expert pick is Matt Field. Holding odds of +450, Field stands out among his peers. His excellent third-place finish in New Jersey and current Championship lead make him a strong contender. Betting on Field means investing in his consistent high performance and his proven ability to shine under pressure. In the world of Formula Drift, Field offers a promising blend of talent, current form, and value.

Where to Bet on Formula Drift St. Louis

Now that you have our expert analysis and top picks for the event, it’s time to place your bets. NXTbets has partnered with several trusted sportsbooks to provide you with the best odds and a seamless betting experience. To place your bets on the Formula Drift St. Louis event, visit one of our partner sportsbooks – and make your selections.

For an in-depth look at the ins and outs of Surf betting, check out NXTbets’ Official Formula Drift Betting Guide.

Remember to always bet responsibly and enjoy the thrilling action of the Formula Drift New Jersey event that kicks off July 13th 2023!


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