Formula Drift 2024 Long Beach Sports Betting Insights


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The 2024 Formula Drift season kicks off in Long Beach from April 12th-13th, promising a thrilling competition following the previous season’s climactic finish. With Chelsea DeNofa’s departure after clinching the 2023 championship, all eyes are on the new talents and seasoned professionals vying for the top spot. Nick Noback enters the fray with momentum from his first major win, suggesting he could be the next standout name in drifting. Veteran Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis is also a favorite, coming off a strong season finish. The opening event at Long Beach poses a critical question: will new legends rise, or will experienced drivers continue to reign supreme? As competitors start their engines, the drifting community eagerly awaits the outcome, anticipating a season that promises to challenge the norms and enthuse fans around the world.

Amplify Your Experience with Expert Analysis

For those looking to place their bets, NXTbets’ comprehensive Best Bets: Formula Drift Long Beach Pre-Event Odds Analysis is your go-to for deep dives into the favorites and underdogs of this event. Their analysis not only spotlights those at the forefront but also uncovers hidden gems, providing bettors with a strategic perspective to navigate the thrilling world of bull riding betting.

Where to Place Your Bets

When you’re ready to get in on the action, our Sportsbook Operator partners are on standby with the latest odds and exclusive sign up offers. For a deep dive into strategic betting, NXTbets’ Formula Drift Betting Guide lays down the groundwork for making smart, responsible bets in this unpredictable sport.


Key Takeaways

  • Favorites in Focus: 

In the run-up to Formula Drift Long Beach, our analysis points to Fredric Aasbo (+1107), James Deane (+1154), and Matt Field (+1245) as the favorites. Aasbo and Deane are neck-and-neck with their precision and clutch performances, while Field’s tenacity positions him as a strong contender ready to shake up the leaderboard.

  • Underdog Alert: 

Aurimas Bakchis (+1288), Ryan Tuerck (+1383), and Simen Olsen (+1574) emerge as compelling outsiders for the Formula Drift Long Beach event. Each driver’s unique combination of skill, experience, and potential for innovation sets them apart as ones to potentially defy expectations and deliver surprising results, making the Long Beach competition particularly unpredictable and thrilling.

  • Strategic Insights: NXTbets urges a deeper exploration beyond the favorites, advocating for bets that reflect both current momentum and historical performance for a savvy betting approach.
  • Betting Wisdom: A reminder of the importance of informed and conscientious betting underscores the guide, advocating for a calculated approach to engaging with Formula Drift betting.

The 2024 Formula Drift season opener at Long Beach is almost here, and with it comes a host of betting opportunities. This event marks the beginning of a new competitive landscape, with a mix of established names and emerging talents ready to showcase their skills. Informed betting decisions are crucial, as the performances of drivers like Nick Noback and Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis in the last season have shaken up the predictions. Keep an eye on the drifters who are set to make a statement and consider their past track records as you place your bets on who might dominate the Long Beach circuit. Join us for an event that’s shaping up to deliver both top-tier drifting action and intriguing betting prospects.

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