[VIDEO] BC Racing “Committed For The Run” 2012 Formula Drift Team Video


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BC Racing Suspension brings you the 2012 Formula Drift Team Video.

Pat Goodin, Jeff Abbott, Danny George, Conrad Grunewald, Robbie Nishida, Roland Gallagher, Chris Ward, Chelsea DeNofa

Drifting supporters petition against city-wide ban


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WSBTV Channel 2

Hundreds of people showed up to watch what may have been Atlanta’s last drifting event on Sunday.

Drifting is when drivers take turns quickly and slide sideways.

Traditionally, there are six drifting events annually in the parking lot in front of Turner field.

Recently, following noise complaints, Atlanta’s City Council outlawed the sport within 1000 feet of residences.

Supporters feel like they have been unfairly targeted.

“This is where the amateurs come and practice and compete,” Kelly Lewis said.

“This is our home turf this is what we do, people have football, people have baseball, we have drifting and this is what we do,” Chris Ward said.

Ward is a professional driver who started out in Atlanta.

A number of people worry the city’s ban will lead to drifting on the streets.

“That’s one of the things that I do fear is that the kids will take it to the street, it’s something that I’m really fighting against,” Lewis said.

Drifting supporters started a petition and are optimistic that Atlanta’s mayor will veto the city council’s vote.