[VIDEO] Drift Into The Blue Episode 2

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The competition is heating up. Like this post if drift racing with @JoonMaengRacing or @RyanTuerck sounds like fun.

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Formula DRIFT Insider 2012 Ep.5

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In this episode we chat with Technical Manager Kevin Wells about trends in the series, including the rise of V8’s and teams who bucked the trend and are showing why all displacements can and are working. We also profile ROY contender Daigo Saito who tells us about his goals in 2012 and why he wants to be a champion in FD.

The Road to Formula DRIFT: An Amateur Photographer Contest WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT

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It was a long, hard battle, fought over a couple months, through 4 complete rounds coinciding with Formula Drift, congratulations to Christian Berens! He was able to hold Nick Poirier off in the last few rounds to take the overall win! Amazing work by everyone, we’re proud to be among such talented people! Thanks to FD for their official endorsement for this contest! See you trackside July 20th and 21st Christian! Full scores and the rest of the contestants can be found here.