Drifting Mexico Results

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Results from Drifting Mexico – Formula DRIFT International Event

Round of 16

Hubinette vs Kregorian – Winner: Hubinette

Petty vs Schelley – Winner: Schelley

McQuarrie vs Frost – Winner: Frost

Brakohiapa vs Pina – Winner: Brakohiapa

Pawlak vs Canul – Winner: Pawlak

Mordaunt vs Maeng – Winner: Mordaunt

Angelo vs Wang – Winner: Angelo

Sumida vs Wharerau – Winner: Wharerau

Round of 8

Hubinette vs Schelley – Winner: Hubinette

Frost vs Brakohiapa – Winner: Brakohiapa

Pawlak vs Mordaunt – Winner: Pawlak

Angelo vs Wharerau – Winner: Wharerau

Round of 4

Hubinette vs Brakohiapa – Winner: Hubinette

Pawlak vs Wharerau – Winner: Pawlak

Consolation Round

Brakohiapa vs Wharerau – Winner: Brakohiapa


1. Pawlak (Winner)

2. Hubinette

3. Brakohiapa

FD Mexico Day 1

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From Casidi…

Hi Guys, we made it here safely! and right when we stepped out of the airport it was hot and humid with a little bit of sprinking here and there. Emilio got us 2 buses to transport all of us back and forth to the track and the hotel. They are pretty nice, with a TV and nice seats that recline. Since we got in so late nothing was really open. So after checking into the hotel (which was crowded due to a Mary Kay Convention a makeup company) so you can just imagine 40 – 50 year old women walking around in these really fancy dresses trying to look 20 again. we were all pretty hungry due to the extensive DS battling that we were having on the plane and the pillows that were flying across from one side to another. so we took an adventure and went looking for food. we lost some on the way … you can only imangine what they found 😉 but we found a hot dog stand! that was the only thing that we could find!! they were pretty good, or maybe i was just really hungry … haha

Enjoy the photos from Day 1

News from Team Retaks – Sherman to Join Team at RD6

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Team Retaks/Bridgestone now has two incredible drivers, Christian Pickering from Australia, and Bill Sherman from the USA. After the Vegas FD race, and a subsequent Retaks Track day at LVMS, (a huge thanks to LVMS), it was decided that Christian will need a RHD car to be competitive. We were going to convert our championship 240sx s13.5 we purchased from Enjuku Racing, but after much thought, we decided to leave it as a LHD.

Bill Sherman will now pilot this car, his 2007 car, for Team Retaks/Bridgestone starting in Sonoma 2008. We will either build a RHD for Christian, or more likely, ship over his awesome rhd drive s15 from Australia. So Team Retaks/Bridgstone is very excited about Christian having a car he is comfortable in, and for Bill joining the Retaks family.

Christian is extremely happy to be apart of the Formula D series. This has been a goal of his for some time now. After the Retaks track day at LVMS Christian went back to Australia for a TV show, and a Championship race for which he took 2nd place. He is a humble yet fun loving driver and a goodwill ambassador for Retaks and FD in Australia. His life story of overcoming cancer while still competing professionally in Australia, and placing 2nd overall, is a inspiration to all. Christian & Team Retaks/Bridgestone are hoping that he will have the opportunity to represent Team Retaks/Bridgestone & Australia in the World Championship with his new award-winning RHD s15.

Bill will be coming to Vegas soon to get back into his baby. We’ll get some seat time for him with the new gear ratio in the rear, and the new Bridgestone Potenza tires. Then over to Sonoma where we hope to win and then have some ice cream!