Formula Drift Top 32


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DMac leads Vs. Yamanaka
DMac with a very fast course run, nice angle and smoke from DMac as Yamanaka runs a good run giving chase.
Yamanaka leads with DMac shadowing Yamanak from the big bank into the inner course.  DMac moves on.

Dai Yoshihara Vs. Ross Petty
Dai leads and is high up on the bank and rides the big wall bank.  Ross running a shallower line and Dai just able to get a gap and maintain it.
Ross leads and Dai is on Ross on the bank.  Dai with a big correction and takes out the clipping point. Dai moves on as Ross is called shallower through course.

Mike Essa Vs. Hayashida
Essa leads with Hayashida staying close through the course.  Essa with a better line as Hayashida takes a shallower line on inner course.
Hayashida leads with Essa staying on him on the big bank. Hayashida with a nice gap on the inner bank and Essa has to go shallow to catch up.  OMT

Essa Vs. Hayashida OMT
Essa leads and both run a good solid line though the course.  Hayashida manages to stay close and both run a good line.
Hayashida leads and Essa is high on the bank.  Hayashida following his line and Essa staying close.  Essa moves on

Tanner Foust Vs. Tony B.
Tanner leads and just begins to smoke out Tony B through the entire course.  Lots of smoke and angle from Tanner.  Tony with a shallow entry angle on inner course.
Tony B.  leads with Tanner staying on Tony through the course.  Tanner with a better entry and angle and smoke.  Tanner Foust moves on

Robbie Nishida Vs. Ueo
Robbie leads with a good entry on the bank and Ueo hitting the wall on the inner course after the transition.
Ueo leads and initiates early on the bank.  Robbie does not back down and stays through Ueo for the length of the course.  Robbie moves on.

Chris Forsberg Vs. VanDenBrink
Chris leads with lots of smoke from Chris.  Small gap but VanDenBrink manages to stay close.
VanDenBrink leads with a good gap from VDB.  Manages to get a small gap and maintain it.  OMT

Forsberg Vs. VanDenBrink OMT
Forsberg leads with VDB staying semi close through the course.  A little shaky on the big bank.
VDB leads with Forsberg staying close and staying on VDB though the course.  Forsberg wins the 2009 Championship

Gushi Vs. Taka Aono
Gushi leads with a big gap from Taka, good angle and smoke from Ken through the course.  Taka just cant close the gap.
Taka leads with Gushi staying on Taka through the course.  Good run from Ken as he stays close.  Ken moves on.

Matt Waldin Vs. Ryan Tuerck
Tuerck leads, early gap on bank with a shallow line from Ryan on the inner course.  Waldin stays close though inner bank.
Waldin leads with Ryan coming in close but running a shallower line through the bank.  Ryan moves on

JR Vs A. Pfeiffer
JR leads with Alex giving chase, both having great smoke and angle through the course.
Pfeiffer leads with with JR giving chase, great angle and smoke from both through the course.  Alex moves on

Mohan Vs. LeJune
Kyle Mohan leads and has a good gap on LeJune and begins to pull away from LeJune.  Nice angle and smoke from Kyle through the course.
LeJune leads and Kyle is on LeJune’s door though the entire course.  Kyle moves.

Eric O’Sullivan Vs. Matt Powers
Eric leads and is high on the bank, lots of smoke from his Hankook tires.  Mat staying on Eric but Eric with a lot better angle and smoke.
Powers leads and a gap is started.  Powers taps wall on inner bank and keeps the drift.  Eric spins on course exit and hits plastic barriers. Mat moves

Suell Vs. Kondo
Tommy leads and comes in with a very deep angle.  Fast through the course.  Kondo hits the wall and rides inner wall.
Kondo withdraws and Tommy moves on.

Sam Hubinette Vs. Aasbo
Sam leads with lots of smoke and angle.  Shaun here representing a fallen friend Shaun Carlson.  Aasbo had good smoke and angle, but Sam with a deeper angle.
Aasbo leads with Sam higher on the bank.  Sam is on Aasbo through the course and both come in on inner bank.  Sam with a small smack of his bumper.  Sam moves on

Joon Maeng Vs. Cody Parkhouse
Joon leads with a great angle and smoke on the bank anfd throught the course.  Better angle and smoke from Joon through the course.
Cody with some good angle on the entry clip.  Small gap and good run from Cody.  Joon moves on

Tyler McQuarrie Vs. Rhys Millen
Tyler leads with both on the big bank with god angle.  Rhys straightens on inner bank after a loud backfire from the Hyundai.
Rhys leads with a great angle on the entry.  Tyler is on Rhys through the course.   Tyler moves on.

JTP Vs. Calvin Wan
JTP leads and is high on the bank and shoots through the course.  Calvin spins on big bank.
Calvin leads with JTP stays on Calvin through the course.  JTP moves on to Top 16