Few pictures at Texas Motor Speedway for this weekend’s Ultimate Drifting Pre-race Spectacular


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Texas Motor Speedway’s pit lane and frontstretch will transform into a winding course for eight Formula DRIFT drivers as they race in a non-points competition spectacle free to Firestone Twin 275s ticket holders. The drivers include: Fredric Aasbo, the 2010 Formula DRIFT Rookie of the Year, Michael Essa, Kyle Mohan, Joon Maeng, Tony Brakohiapa, Patrick Mordaunt, Jeff Abbott, and Roland Gallagher for a competition in the traditional bracket elimination format. The competition will begin at 6 p.m. CT.

Tickets, which begin as low as $31, for the historic Firestone Twin 275s and Ultimate Drifting, presented by Scion and Motegi Racing are available by visiting www.texasmotorspeedway.com, or by calling the Texas Motor Speedway ticket office at (817) 215-8500.

Click here to get 2 tickets for $49 or call Texas Motor Speedway’s Ticket Office at (817) 215-8500 to see the historic Firestone Twin 275s and Ultimate Drifting presented by Scion and Motegi Racing.