Kyle Mohan Racing Debuts 2020 FD Livery Celebrating Sustainablility


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Release from Kyle Mohan Racing

#99 American Ethanol / Renewable Lubricants / Mazdatrix – RX8

Meet The American Ethanol / Renewable Lubricants / Mazdatrix KMR RX8!

Kyle Mohan Racing is excited to debut our new look. With the help of AWS Graphics and Wrap Legends celebrating a mix of our classic style and with modern twist for our classy new Green Machine!

The ablity to race in one of the toughest motorsports for vehicles — Formula Drift — while using environmentally-conscious products for your race car, street car or business is now possible and will be demonstrated by Kyle Mohan Racing in partnership with American Ethanol and Renewable Lubricants. We are proud to be a part of this dream to showcase American-made fuels and lubricants.

Our combination of Ethanol Fuel supplied by Thunderbolt Race Fuel and Renewable lubricants Inc Carbon neutral racing oils makes us the first car in Formula Drift to be running sustainable fuel & lubrication Now we can be green, we can be sustainable, and we can care for our planet, all while having fun in the cars we have always loved.