Bombs, High Horsepower Dominate ‘Bomb Track’


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We’re excited to be debuting ‘Bomb Track’, our first video to feature all of our Fun-Havers on track together! Shot at Panthera Tactical Training Facility in West Virginia the video showcases Vaughn, Chelsea and Loren taking full advantage—and no rules in the name of FUN—of the over 750 acres in their Ford Mustang RTRs and Ultra4 4400 class Ford Broncos! The video lives up to its name as all drivers drift and/or jump their way past a giant bomb!

“This was a very fun, WILD and slightly terrifying experience! Drifting behind Loren’s Ultra4 Bronco on massive 40-inch Nitto tires with Chelsea on my door was a huge highlight for me. The explosions and Loren jumping over us was icing on the cake. I love when crazy ideas become reality and everyone leaves with smiles on their face! Pumped for everyone to see this one, we worked hard for it!” – Vaughn Gittin Jr.

“Drifting, explosions, jumping and extreme sketchiness is pretty much how I get through my life, so creating this was right up my alley. Got to do a lot of things I have always wanted to do and enjoy it with all my friends.” – Chelsea DeNofa

“It was rad getting to takeover Panthera training facility in West Virginia! It has so many crazy features it was easy for Vaughn, Chelsea and I to make ‘Bomb Track’ epic!” – Loren Healy