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Throdle, the fast-growing automotive social network, is an official sponsor of the 2022 Formula DRIFT season. The Throdle app allows engaged car and motorsports fans to connect with one another through their shared passion of cars, groups and experiences – and all without ads or unwanted content.

“At Throdle we believe in a place where people can connect and talk about cars,” said Nadine Lee, Founder and CEO of Throdle. “The automotive and drift community have an electrifying energy that deserves to be showcased. With Throdle, drivers can connect and engage with fans worldwide, making the automotive scene feel closer and more personal. By sponsoring Formula DRIFT and reaching millions of drift fans, we’ll be able to grow the community and fuel connections like never before.”

Similarly, Ryan Sage, President of Formula DRIFT, is very excited by the opportunities the app presents: “We’re delighted that Throdle selected Formula DRIFT as its 2022 motorsports partner. Our fans are the lifeblood of the sport and being able to connect them to one another through the Throdle platform is going to take the automotive and drifting community to a whole new level. Fans can join the Formula DRIFT group in Throdle to post about FD experiences and explore exclusive behind-the-scenes content, all season long.”

As part of the sponsorship package, the 2022 Throdle x FD partnership will include a $1000 contingency fund for each of the four Formula DRIFT PROSPEC Championship rounds. The PROSPEC series helps up-and-coming drivers develop and refine their skills before advancing into the PRO ranks. The PROSPEC Championship is a unique opportunity for drivers to introduce themselves to FD fans and create a following; something where Throdle can also play a part. Not only can drivers and fans interact on the app, but as part of the contingency program, drivers who join Throdle will be eligible for prize money of $500, $300 and $200, respectively, to the top three program participants at each round.

“Formula DRIFT is the perfect partner for us,” said Lee. “Together, we can grow the automotive fandom by connecting drivers, businesses, and influencers to their fans, all in one app. Michael Essa and Justin Pawlak, for example, are just two of the professional drifters that have already partnered with Throdle. Not to mention a variety of businesses and influencers who have hit the ground running by posting, sharing, and engaging with content within the Throdle community.”

Car enthusiasts can download the Throdle app for free via the Apple Store and Google Play. Or visit for more information.