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After 20 years of competition, Formula DRIFT bids farewell to veteran staff members Judge Ryan Lanteigne and Race Control Director Pat Gentilli.

Everybody involved in Formula DRIFT wishes them success for the future. They will be replaced by new faces while some existing staff will take on new roles, creating a number of changes to the 2024 FD Competition Staff roster.

For its 21st season, Formula DRIFT will again have four judges in rotation throughout the year. Replacing Ryan as a judge will be Philadelphia native, Reese Marin (USA). As an experienced driver, instructor, and competition spotter, Reese is both well-known and respected, having played a major role in the grassroots drifting community and more recently served as Chelsea DeNofa’s spotter during his Championship-winning season. Furthermore, Reese has his own YouTube channel where he discusses drifting, judging, and breaks down many of the most intriguing battles between Formula DRIFT competitors. As such, he’s ideally suited to his new role as a series Judge and will take his seat alongside the second new appointment, Vernon Zwaneveld (Netherlands).

Vernon has been a long-standing Judge with the Drift Masters European Championship. He’s among the most active and experienced, having judged more than 38 international drift events in 2023 alone. As a stuntman and drift instructor, he continues to shape the future of the exhilarating sport globally and brings years of firsthand experience.

Vernon and Reese will sit alongside veteran Formula DRIFT Judges Brian Eggert (USA) and Robbie Nishida (Japan) on a rotating basis, with three judges participating in each round.

Outgoing Judge Chris Uhl will assume a new role as Race Control Director. Having served on both the Competition team and having been a judge for three years, Chris has unique experience as the only current Formula DRIFT staff member to have served on both sides of the organization. His considerable experience and insight will undoubtedly benefit the teams, drivers, fans and support staff as he helps to ensure the smooth operation of every FD event this season.



The 2024 Formula DRIFT PRO Championship kicks off on the Streets of Long Beach on April 12-13. The PROSPEC Championships will join the PRO teams for Round 2 at Road Atlanta on May 9-11. Please visit for the competition schedule, tickets, livestream, Championship standings, driver bios and more.