Sneek Peak- A look Inside Mad Mike Whiddett’s Radbul MX-5 By Moto IQ


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Sneak Peek- A look Inside Mad Mike Whiddett’s Radbul MX-5

by Mike Kojima

A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to get a close look at the car that we think is perhaps the most radical and innovative drift car ever built, Mad Mike Whiddett’s Radbul Mazda MX-5.  After a 5 year absence, Mad Mike is back on the US drift scene with a car built for today’s exceedingly competitive Formula D environment.

The Radbul is out to break many suppositions about how a drift car is supposed to be and shows great promise. The Radbul is different from other cars in many aspects from its size, power plant, power level and weight distribution.

In it’s first US events the car has shown plenty of promise.  New car blues have given many well established FD team fits and although it’s clear that the Radbul is not fully dialed in yet, it has shown hints that it will be perhaps the deadliest drift car ever built once it has some development time.

What do we find so fascinating about the Radbul, well lets check it out.

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Formula DRIFT Featured on Autoweek’s Vinsetta Garage


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Join Courtney Hansen, the editors of Autoweek, and a whole lot of passionate car guys as they bring you unparalleled access to the automotive lifestyle. The show is set to premier on 1/17 on the Velocity channel at 8:30pm EST.

During their ‘Competition’ episode, Rhys Millen buckles up with Courtney and gives her an insider’s look at competition. Plus, they take to the track and watch Millen put some horses through their courses while Courtney holds on for dear life. Also, the competition gets heated between two rival auto execs.

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Ryan Tuerck & YAER Productions Featured on Jalopnik


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Earlier this week, we featured a video by YAER Productions that showed Ryan Tuerck giving everyone a first hand look at Irwindale Speedway prior to Round 7. If you missed out on that post, check it out here. One of the web’s most popular sites,, decided to showcase this video as well. It’s refreshing to see such well-known sites support the drifting community and great video coverage.