Stephan Verdier Racing Joins Forces with Ignite Fuels for the 2010 Formula D Season

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Stephan Verdier Racing joins forces with Ignite Fuel as a new partner for the 2010 Formula D Season. For the 2010 season the Stephan Verdier Racing Team will be going green, and we dont mean the color. We are happy to partner with Stephan and his team, and look forward to showcasing Ignites power in the 2010 Formula D Season, says Reggie Henderson, President of National Biofuel Distribution.

Ignite Fuel was developed by a bio-fuel company specializing in race fuel called National Biofuel Distribution. According to Stephan Verdier, I’m very excited about running an alternative fuel, it just goes to show you can go green and still go sideways. From what Ignite Fuels has told us they are unlike any other race fuel, providing an ethanol based race fuel that is not E-85. We happen to be the lucky recipients of their 114 octane fuel; it’s like E85 on steroids.

With the extreme blend Ignite Fuels is offering, not only is it a green (healthy for the environment) but it allows Crawford Performance the option of making more power while keeping the engine temperature much cooler. In drifting we are always trying to find new ways to make more power, and overheating has made that a problem, especially when the drift cars are always sideways. With Ignite fuel we take care of both these issues.

The one concern Crawford Performance brought up was the consistency of the fuel. Ignite Fuels has made it very clear every batch is thoroughly tested to ensure consistent quality and/or grade level within every batch they produce. This is just one more advantage we will have over the competition in the run for the 2010 championship. Tracy Itzen, President of Itzen Media says Ignite Fuel was created around listening to what the drivers needs and wants were in a race fuel. Ignite Fuel is consistent, has already proven gains, and is affordable for everyone.

In conjunction with the returning sponsors, Cooper tire, Clutch Masters, Subaru, Enkei, I-Speed, Turbo by Garrett, RMR, Stance, Sparco, Seibon, Apr, Gti we know we have a great opportunity at the championship this year and we can not wait for round 1 to begin. Long Beach Formula D April 9-10 2010

Formula DRIFT driver Stephan Verdier Announces New Sponsoship by Royal Purple Joining the Stark Motor Racing Team

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Stephan Verdier Racing Announces New Sponsors for the 2010 Formula D Season

Stephan Verdier Racing is pleased to announce our new and returning sponsors for the 2010 Formula D Seasons, a sneak preview at our partnership with the upcoming movie Iron Man 2, our new partner Royal Purple and plans for more power!

For the first two rounds of the Formula D Season we will have our new partnership agreement with Iron Man 2. One team was selected in each of the five different motorsports disciplines to represent the Stark Racing Team from the upcoming movie Iron Man 2 and we were selected for the drifting aspect of those disciplines. The car will sport a new livery for the first two rounds of the Formula D series with the Iron Man 2/ Royal Purple colors. Upon completion of the first two rounds the livery will be changed for the remainder of the year.

We have also defined an agreement with our new sponsor Royal Purple for the entire 2010 Formula Drift season. According to Stephan Verdier, “This coupled with agreements with Iron Man 2 is definitely a big boost to our Formula D racing program in our quest of the 2010 championship.”

Crawford Performance has also agreed to step up there involvement in the Formula D racing program by building a brand new engine/power package and supplying a sequential gear box for the season. “There will be quite a bit more power on tap for Stephan this year to keep the edge on the competition in his race for the 2010 Championship and we wish him the best for the upcoming season!”, says Quirt Crawford, President of Crawford Performance.

In conjunction with the returning sponsors, Cooper tire, Clutch Masters, Subaru, Enkei, I-speed, Turbo by Garrett, RMR, Stance, Sparco, Seibon, Apr, Gti we now know we have an optimal chance at the championship this year we can not wait for round 1 at Long Beach to get started!

Win DVS Shoes & Gear with Eric O’Sullivan

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Win DVS Shoes & Gear with Eric O’Sullivan


2009 Formula Drift Rookie of The Year, Eric O’Sullivan, has teamed up with his good friends and sponsors at DVS Shoes to offer drift fans a shot at winning a collection of DVS gear. The winner will receive new DVS Shoes & clothing to ensure he/she is freshly dressed for the start of the 2010 Formula Drift Season. Its free and easy to enter the competition, here’s the deal.

All you need to do is sign up for the Eric O’Sullivan news letter. Those that register between today and end of February will be put into a hat and one winner will be picked at random.
The winner will receive a fresh pair of DVS Shoes, new DVS hoodie and Tshirt + some other bits and pieces that we can manage to squeeze into the package.

To sign up to Eric’s email subscription you can click here. The email address that you submit will receive an activation email. Usual process, click the link contained within the activation email and you’re all done.

This competition is open to international audience, postage & packaging is included in prize. Best of luck to all subscribers.