MTV Tres Shoot

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Wednesday a couple of the gents (Forsberg, Millen, Mohan) got called up for a shoot on Drifting for Pimpmeando on MTV Tres. I guess it is like a Pimp my Ride hybrid show or something. Anyway, it was at Irwindale and hot, sweaty and long. Some of us did a lot of reading because there was quite a bit of hurry up and waiting going on with lots of re-takes apparently. Note: Not for Deanda though. We call him One Take. Hahaha. Here are some snaps from my trashy Blackberry.

Bosch Performance Art Event – 9/6/2008

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. drifting in the Streets of LA 9/6/2008 – Bosch Performance Art

Drifting World Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Bosch Spark Plugs have teamed up to stage an exciting one-of-a-kind event in downtown Los Angeles next Saturday. Titled “Performance Art”, Vaughn will be using his high-powered Ford Mustang as his “brush”, Falken tires as his “paint”, and the pavement as his “canvas”. Vaughn will drift through the streets to create unique pattern of tire marks until he feels his masterpiece is complete.

“I am very excited that Bosch has looked at drifting further then just the competitive element. Drifting like many action sports is truly an expression of personality and style, and to many considered a form of art; leave it to Bosch to take the initiative to highlight these facts on such a large scale. I am looking forward to expressing my style and personality while leaving my mark on the downtown streets of LA.”

This exciting event has been described as a “Jackson Pollack on pavement” and “taking art to the streets.”

Join us as Vaughn leaves drifting’s mark on the art world as he creates a unique, fast and extremely powerful display of performance art.

When: Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time: 9:00 a.m.-???????

Where: Grand and 3rd, downtown Los Angeles

FD Baseball Night

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I’m sure most of you that have been to our events have noticed all the signage we create. Well the company that does that is called Barrier Ads. Barrier Ads produces nearly 100 pieces of “sticky backs” per round. The owner is a guy named Bill and man, what a cool guy he is. Seriously one the coolest people I have ever met.

Anyway, Bill invited all of us from the office to an Angels game last Friday. He brought his son Kyle and Kyle’s friend Tommy. Man, these lil groms are two of the coolest kids you will ever meet. Angels won, it was a sick game. Thanks Bill!

If you ever have any signage needs, Bill is your guy