Formula Drift Round 1 – Long Beach – April 8-9, 2016 By AMDRIFT

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The 2016 Formula Drift season has officially begun! The first round of the season was only a few days ago, but we still haven’t gotten over how crazy it was on the Streets of Long Beach. Everything from rain, crashes, and upsets… if it could happen, it happened. The results are in and we have them for you! Drop on in and enjoy our report and gallery of Formula Drift Round 1 – Streets of Long Beach.


Not knowing what to expect, who would show up to compete, and even what some of the cars were dressed like this year, we hit Long Beach excited to have our curiosities fulfilled. One of the biggest fan complaints over the past couple of years, is that drivers have seemed to lose their sense of style and that most of the cars looked plain and ugly. Lots of flat liveries lined the grid, and we must admit, the fans were right. This year, things have definitely changed. The cars look wild, sharp, and liveries are unique and exciting. There are some killer looking cars on grid this year.



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10. The MVP of the Weekend – The Weather

The biggest game changer of the weekend in Long Beach was the rain. I was on site this weekend and when the rain started it was unbelievable how much oil and junk came up from the parking lot. Keep in mind, turn 9 through 10B are basically parking spaces used by the convention center and aquarium on a daily basis. The large issue at hand wasn’t just the rain but the oils and things it took up from the ground. If I would have known people would claim that Formula Drift cannot be done in the rain – I would have taken pictures of this gross water. Let’s keep in mind that it also doesn’t frequently rain in Southern California so the amount of junk coming up from the pavement was huge in scale. The ground was so inconsistent that huge zero traction patches were found across the course where the driver would basically become a passenger as several described it to me in the car. I am one of the first people to criticize Formula Drift when I think they do the wrong thing and everything this weekend was handled perfectly. The drivers wanted a set qualifying and nobody spoke up against it from what I saw and heard in the drivers meeting. With just 32 teams it just happened to work out and lead to the best Top 16 in Formula Drift history.

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FormulaD 2016: Streets of Long Beach By Car Culture TV

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Formula Drift: Streets of Long Beach 2016 Formula Drift’s 2016 season is underway as drivers and spectators make their way to Long Beach for Round 1. Day 1 of The Streets of Long Beach started off slow due to the rain, but that didn’t stop didn’t stop fans from having a good time. The atmosphere of Formula drift was energetic as fixed up cars, popular vendors, tasty food trucks, and attractive models filled up the place. The Vertex RC booth built a track for their rc cars to drift on, fans were quite amused. Scion ending up getting a whole lot for themselves to showcase their cars. Continue reading FormulaD 2016: Streets of Long Beach By Car Culture TV