Formula DRIFT PRO 2 Round 4 Texas Results


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Formula DRIFT PRO 2 Round 4 Texas Results;

Kevin Lawrence Does the Impossible to Win the Event and the Championship




Long Beach, Calif. – September 8, 2017 – The Formula DRIFT PRO 2 season came to a dramatic conclusion at Texas Motor Speedway. Florida native Kevin Lawrence in the Enjuku Racing / BC Racing / Hankook Tire Nissan 240 defies the odds and wins the event and the PRO 2 Championship.

PRO 2 returned to Texas Motor Speedway for the final event of the season. Fans witnessed the biggest comeback in Formula DRIFT PRO 2 history as Kevin Lawrence entered the event in 5th place overall with an 81 point deficit to win the event and ultimately the championship.

“What a way to end the PRO 2 season,” said Jim Liaw, President of Formula DRIFT. ”In what was the largest comeback in PRO 2 history, Kevin Lawrence did the impossible, and ended the season in dramatic and exciting fashion.”

The championship was up for grabs when the top 4 drivers failed to move past the Top 16 bracket giving a small mathematical chance to Lawrence. In the semi-finals, Norwegian driver, Ola Jaeger in the Japan Auto Toyota Supra faced Alec Robbins in the KoruWorks Nissan 350Z. In the second run of their battle, Robbins went off line to give the win and his first podium to Jaeger. In the second semi-final battle, Lawrence met Riley Sexsmith piloting a Subaru BRZ. Sexsmith made a major mistake by going off-course on the first run to give Lawrence the advantage and eventual win to move him into the Finals to meet Jaeger. Sexsmith finished the event in third place. In the Finals, both drivers made mistakes in the first battle in which the judges called a “One more time.” In the second run of the battle, Jaeger fell dramatically behind creating a large gap that proved to be his downfall, which gave Lawrence the event victory and the championship by a mere 2 points. The PRO 2 championship finished with Travis Reeder in second place and Matt Vankirk in third place.

“It hasn’t really set in yet and it’s just amazing that I was able to battle to the first position and win the championship by 2 points. I never thought this would happen, ” said Kevin Lawrence, winner of PRO 2: Texas and the 2017 PRO 2 champion. “I want to thank everyone on board from Enjuku Racing, Hankook Tire, BC Racing, Competition Clutch, Vibrant Performance, Konig wheels and everyone that has been part of the team over the years I really couldn’t have done it without any of them.”

Formula DRIFT continues to Round 8: Title Fight on October 13-14, 2017. For more information visit, and find Formula DRIFT on Instagram @formulad, Facebook, Twitter @FormulaDrift, and Snapchat – formula_drift. Tune into Formula DRIFT on CBS Sports and check your local listings for airtimes.

Formula DRIFT PRO 2: Texas Results

1. Lawrence, Kevin


2. Jaeger, Ola

2nd Place

3. Sexsmith, Riley

3rd Place

4. Robbins, Alec

4th Place

5. Hately, Andy

5th Place

6. Gyorgy, Szilveszter

6th Place

7. Meeks, Austin

7th Place

8. Waters, Randall

8th Place

9. Beechum, Trenton

9th Place

10. Reeder, Travis

10th Place

11. Vankirk, Matt

11th Place

12. Robinson, Josh

12th Place

13. George, Danny

13th Place

14. Schmidt, Brandon

14th Place

15. Kiriakopoulos, George

15th Place

16. Brockway, Donovan

16th Place

Formula DRIFT PRO 2 Championship Final Standings

1. Lawrence, Kevin


2. Reeder, Travis

2nd Place

3. Vankirk, Matt

3rd Place