Team Drift Finals


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Today was the Team Drift Finals during the Long Beach Grand Prix. It was a very historic day as this marked the last Champ Car race before the merger. The Team Drift event was a huge success with packed grandstands waiting after the Champ Cars finished to check out all of the drifting action.

Team Drift Alliance came out on top with perfectly executed drifting team action. Angelo, Forsberg, and Gittin Jr. held tight lines as the 3 cars slid in unison throughout the entire course. Team Drifting Performance with Pina, Wan, and Brakiohapa came in second, while Team CSC consisting of Grunewald, Hubinette, and Canul came out in third.

Long Beach Grand Prix

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Team Drift Practice for Long Beach Grand Prix Weekend


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Just got back from track and it’s looking to be another crazy weekend. The Team Drift teams are in full force and ready for action.

This year the team’s are:

Drift Alliance: Forsberg, Angelo, Gittin, and Tuerck

Super Ramen All-Stars: McQuarrie, Nishida, and Maeng

International All-Stars: Mohan, Mordaunt, and Kanvas

Drift Pro: Shuyama, Aono, and Sumida

Team Drifting Performance: Wan, Brakohiapa, and Pina

Team CST: Grunewald, Hubinette, and Canul

Take waits to get on track

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