Formula DRIFT 2010 Round 4: Throwdown Results


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Formula DRIFT 2010 Round 4: Throwdown Results;
Tanner Foust Takes the Victory and the Lead in the Triple Crown

Long Beach, Calif. – July 10, 2010 – Formula DRIFT entered Evergreen Speedway for Round 4: Throwdown in Monroe, Washington. Tanner Foust takes the victory and moves into second place overall in the Pro Championship standings, while taking the lead in the chase for the Triple Crown.

Evergreen Speedway hosted Round 4: Throwdown to a packed stadium. Fans gathered to watch the exciting competition under the clear skies and warm sun. Attendance increased from past seasons proving the growth and popularity of the sport in the Pacific Northwest is as strong as ever.

“The drifting fans in the Pacific Northwest prove to be some of the most diehard and enthusiastic in the nation,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “The drifting market is thriving in the area as was evident by the increased attendance from last season, despite two major sporting events occurring simultaneously.”

Round 4: Throwdown brought exciting drifting action back to the Pacific Northwest with Tanner Foust in the Rockstar Energy Scion TC taking his first victory of the season moving him into second place overall in the Pro Championship standings. Foust also takes the lead in the second event of the Triple Crown with the win. The final battle paired Foust with Ryan Tuerck in the Mobil 1 / Maxxis Tires Pontiac Solstice, Tuerck crashed into the wall coming off the banking on the second run giving Foust the victory. The consolation run showcased Darren McNamara in the Falken Tire Saturn Sky against Michihiro Takatori piloting the Drift Emporium / BF Goodrich Nissan S13. McNamara edged out Takatori to take third place.

“This was an epic event and took a lot of work to get this victory,” said Tanner Foust, winner of Round 4: Throwdown. “After running multiple “One More Time” battles we almost ran out of Hankook tires, but to advance against competitors that put on such clean tandem battles made this victory even more sweet.”

Round 4: Throwdown Qualifying Results


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Driver: Car #: Score:
1 V. Gittin 25 90.6
2 J. Pawlak 13 88.5
3 R. Tuerck 44 87.1
4 D. McNamara 8 86.5
5 C. Forsberg 64 86.3
6 T. Aono 86 84.6
7 T. McQuarrie 17 83.5
8 T. Foust 34 83
9 S. Hubinette 77 82.8
10 M. Takatori 5 82.3
11 C. Grunewald 79 80.7
12 D. Yoshihara 9 79.7
13 R. Millen 6 78.4
14 J. Maeng 51 76.8
15 K. Gushi 33 74.4
16 F. Aasbo 151 74.2
17 P. Mordaunt 90 74.1
18 C. Parkhouse 562 73.4
19 M. Essa 101 72.7
20 M. Powers 665 72.6
21 R. Nishida 31 72.6
22 N. Konstantinov 403 72.4
23 R. Petty 808 72
24 M. Whiddet 111 71.9
25 F. Wang 30 70.9
26 D. Kearney 43 69.7
27 C. Ng 84 65.5
28 E. O’Sullivan 25 65
29 S. Verdier 12 65
30 K. Mohan 99 65
31 B. Wilkerson 55 63
32 A. Pfeiffer 88 62.5

Round 5: Breaking Point Videos


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Ross Fairfield and Dead Pirate Productions have released this video with highlights from both the Pro Am and Formula DRIFT Pro competition from Evergreen Speedway.

Formula D Round 5 BREAKING POINT from Ross Fairfield on Vimeo.

Falken Tire has also released a video from Round 5: Breaking Point.

2009 Formula D Round 5 – Falken Tire at Evergreen Speedway from Falken Tire on Vimeo.

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Formula DRIFT Round 5: Breaking Point Results


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August 10, 2009

Formula DRIFT Round 5: Breaking Point Results;
Chris Forsberg Takes the Victory and Maintains the Championship Points Lead


Long Beach, Calif. – August 10, 2009 – Formula DRIFT returned to Evergreen Speedway for Round 5: Breaking Point in Monroe, WA. Chris Forsberg in the NOS Energy / Maxxis Tires Nissan 350Z takes the victory and maintains the lead in the Formula DRIFT Championship Points race. Forsberg also maintains the lead for the Triple Crown bonus prize.

“What an unbelievable finish to a great weekend,” said Chris Forsberg, winner of Round 5: Breaking Point and Formula DRIFT Championship Points leader. “We were leading the points chase for the series and the Triple Crown and just wanted a strong finish. We could not have asked for a better turnout this weekend.”

The 2-day weekend event treated the fans to both Formula DRIFT Championship action and a Pro Am competition. The drivers came prepared for any weather conditions at Evergreen Speedway as this venue hosted the first rain event in Formula DRIFT history last season, but the event remained dry all weekend with cool weather. With only 3 events remaining in the season the pressure was on for the drivers to make their mark and didn’t fail to disappoint the excited crowd.

Vaughn Gittin in the Falken Tires Ford Racing Mustang GT and Eric O’Sullivan in the Hankook / Rockstar Subaru WRX put on an exciting match, which had O’Sullivan moving on to the Finals, but would fail to run due to damage from the previous round giving Forsberg the victory. Tyler McQuarrie in the Falken Tires Nissan 350Z and Gittin fought for 3rd place and after an intense battle McQuarrie would come out on top of his Falken Tires teammate. Entering the event with the points lead, Chris Forsberg was a marked man and battled through the tough competition meeting McQuarrie in semi-finals and proved to be one of the most entertaining match-ups of the evening with both drivers putting it all on the line with their fast entry and great angle along the banking of the course. Forsberg got the best of McQuarrie in the battle of the 350Z and took home his second victory of the season, which also was the 2nd event of the Triple Crown in which he also won the 1st event at Road Atlanta.

“It’s hard to describe the Seattle event in words. I can only say that with all the excitement and drama that unfolds on track its hard to imagine the story we are seeing could even come out of Hollywood,” said Ryan Sage, vice president of marketing and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “The championship is on and there are more than a few drivers that can still take the championship going into Round 6: Locked and Loaded at Infineon Raceway.”

Formula DRIFT returns to Infineon Raceway for Round 6: Locked and Loaded later this month on August 21-22. This is a special event with Formula DRIFT joining the IndyCar weekend. The best drifters in the world will share the track with the best drivers in the world including Helio Castroneves, Danica Patrick, and Scott Dixon. Ticket packages are available now.

Formula DRIFT Professional Championship 2009 Point Standings

1. Forsberg, Chris NOS Energy Drink / Maxxis Nissan 350Z 410 Points
2. Tuerck, Ryan Gardella Racing / Mobil 1Pontiac Solstice 363 Points
3. McQuarrie, Tyler Falken Nissan 350Z 347 Points
4. Hubinette, Samuel NuFormz Dodge Viper 338 Points
5. Gittin, Vaughn Falken Tire Ford Racing Mustang GT 336.50 Points
6. McNamara, Darren Falken / Sears Auto Center Saturn Sky 316 Points
7. Nishida, Robbie Hankook Tires / Dynamic Autosports Nissan 350Z 314 Points
8. Foust, Tanner Rockstar / Hankook Scion Racing tC 303.50 Points
9. Pawlak, Justin Bergenholtz Racing / Nitto Mazda RX-8 298 Points
10. Brakohiapa, Tony Cooper Tire Ford Mustang 282 Points
11. Petty, Ross Garage Boso / Falken Nissan S15 280.75 Points
12. Maeng, Joon Maxxis / LS Auto Nissan S13.5 275.75 Points
13. Aono, Taka Technosquare Toyota AE86 Corolla 273 Points
14. Mordaunt, Patrick PM Racing Nissan S13 268.25 Points
15. Verdier, Stephan Cooper Tire / Crawford Performance Subaru STI 263 Points
16. Yoshihara, Daijiro Falken Tire / Discount Tire Lexus IS350 260 Points

Round 5: Breaking Point Event Results

1. Forsberg, Chris NOS Energy Drink / Maxxis Nissan 350Z
2. Eric O’Sullivan Hankook / Rockstar Subaru WRX
3. Tyler McQuarrie Falken Tires Nissan 350Z Triple Crown Point Standings after 2 of 3 events
1. Forsberg, Chris NOS Energy Drink / Maxxis Nissan 350Z 205 Points
2. McNamara, Darren Falken / Sears Auto Center Saturn Sky 150 Points
3. Tuerck, Ryan Gardella Racing / Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice 149 Points