Over 238,500 Unique Viewers Tune-In for DriftStream’s coverage of Formula DRIFT Round 2: Road to the Championship

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Long Beach, Calif. – May 13, 2010 – Formula DRIFT continued the new DriftStream with YoParts.com at Round 2: Road to the Championship registering a massive 238,500 unique viewers watching the event live. Formula DRIFT and YoParts.com partner with Justin.tv to distribute the live stream. Over 128 countries tuned in to watch the action at Road Atlanta.

“The first live stream had over 78,000 unique IP’s, this one registered 238,500 unique IP’s. These numbers are absolutely ground-breaking,” said Ryan Sage, co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “We are talking about a minimum of 238,000 people that chose to watch the broadcast, and not just random clicks. These numbers don’t even take into account anyone else in the room of the specific IP registered. If we were using Nielson TV ratings, these numbers would be closer to 500,000 individual viewers. This is a massive home run.”

Formula DRIFT and YoParts.com have partnered with Justin.tv, the easiest way to share live video, to help feed the DriftStream across multiple channels. Justin.tv specializes in live streaming and helps engage with the live audience.

“Justin.tv is very excited about the partnership with Formula DRIFT. Formula D’s content is a perfect use case of our platform – great, professionally created content that needs an outlet to reach its global fanbase,” said Kevin Lin, COO of Justin.tv. “The test broadcast of the Road to the Championship event in Atlanta on Justin.tv drew over 200,000 unique viewers in the first day. Clearly there are drift fans out there anxious to get access to these live events, and Justin.tv is going to be that source for them.”

“After just two events the future of the DriftStream is looking bright! We were able to deal with some pretty difficult technology challenges and with the help of our DriftStream chat audience we were able to fine tune the stream each day,” said Tom Masiero, co-founder of YoParts.com. “This event we implemented a new feature that that included the behind the scenes audio from the Official Radio chatter that received rave reviews. This event would not have been possible without our sponsors Royal Purple, Mishimoto, Need for Speed, RacingJunk.com and Belle-1 Communications. We are looking forward to Round 3: The Gauntlet in Wall, NJ with some great new features for the Formula Drift Fan base!”

The Drift Stream will continue at Round 3: The Gauntlet on June 4-5 in Wall, NJ when Formula DRIFT returns to Wall Speedway.

DriftStream Videos from Round 2: Road Atlanta

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The DriftStream provided some great footage over the weekend. If you missed the action at Road Atlanta check out these videos from Round 2: Road to the Championship.

Qualifying Round 1

Watch live streaming video from formulad at livestream.com

Qualifying Round 2

formulad on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

StreetWise FD ProAm Top 16

formulad on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Practice ATL – Matt Powers Crash inside

formulad on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Saturday Practice

Watch live streaming video from formulad at livestream.com

Top 16 Competition

formulad on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Formula DRIFT Releases Codes and Applications for This Weekend’s Live Stream

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For Immediate Release

Formula DRIFT Releases Codes and Applications for This Weekend’s Live Stream

1. Live on the Formula DRIFT Website home page and on the landing page www.formulad.com/live

2. Facebook Application
– Watch inside facebook and chat with your friends

3. Iphone App

4. Direct landing page on Live Stream to grab embed codes: Live Stream Website

Any webmasters that are interested in the Direct Iframe Embed and custom sizing for
their particular website can contact [email protected]

Coverage commences on Friday, May 7th at 2pm for the first session of qualifying
during Round 2: Road Atlanta on May 7-8 2010 on www.formuladrift.com

Formula DRIFT Presents Live Streaming of all 2010 Events

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AutoGuide.com posted this great article on the DriftStream. Check it out.

All forms of motorsports – take note! Formula Drift, in association with YoParts.com has successfully launched the first ever full live streaming of their events to the world. Other sanctioning bodies have tried this in the past, but with hardly any sort of success. Needless to say when they first told us about Driftstream 2010 we were a little skeptical. Instead of jumping the gun and making a post, we decided to check it out ourselves during this past weekend’s event, then report on the quality. The verdict? Read on:

We first logged onto the Driftstream website during qualifying on Friday and were pleasantly surprised on how smooth and surprisingly lag free the video was. It was as close to real-time as we could get without driving the 40 miles to Long Beach, California. The video commentary was nicely done, and the production gets two thumbs up from us by keeping the viewer up to date with standings, points and results.

For those that are unable to attend the Formula Drift 2010 events out of their range, Driftstream is a fantastic way to catch it all. Adding to the experience, there are thousands of other fans chatting it up on the site at the same time.

We’ll admit that there’s absolutely no substitute to inhaling tire smoke and seeing the cars up close and personal, but this is by far the best second option we’ve been able to get our hands on and best of all – it’s free! We hope other forms of sanctioning bodies take notes on what Formula Drift done.

If you missed Formula Drift’s season opener at Long Beach, California, head on over to the Live Stream channel now to watch a recap of the entire event. Don’t forget to stay tuned for the next event at Road Atlanta on May 7-8th, 2010. And again, all events will be streamed live so follow Formula DRIFT’s schedule and catch all the action this season, no matter where you are.

Over 70,000 Tune-in to the Drift Stream for the Formula DRIFT 2010 Season Opener

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Long Beach, Calif. – April 26, 2010 – Formula DRIFT launched the new Drift Stream with YoParts.com at Round 1: Streets of Long Beach with over 70,000 fans tuning in to watch the event live.

The Drift Stream debuted to rave reviews from drifting fans across the globe after the announcement was made last month of the partnership of Formula DRIFT and YoParts.com to bring live interactive streaming to the 2010 Pro Championship season. The Drift Stream debuted at Round 1: Streets of Long Beach with over 45,000 unique visitors watching live over the weekend. The Formula DRIFT fans consumed over 1.6 million minutes of action in the 2-day event weekend.

“The Drift Stream was a huge success and we look forward to bringing all the Formula DRIFT action to the fans worldwide this season,” said Ryan Sage, co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “Fans are not only able to watch via the Formula DRIFT website, but can also embed the Drift Stream to their social networking sites and blogs, and even watch live on select mobile devices. Formula DRIFT will reach a fans across the globe and bring all the action right to them.”

Fans watched on multiple websites and mobile devices that included the Formula DRIFT website, Facebook, and various personal websites and blogs. Viewers watched from over 128 countries with the country of Norway leading the way with over 5000 fans cheering and watching their countryman Fredrick Aasbo make his official Formula DRIFT debut and finishing fourth place overall at the event. 25,000 unique visitors also utilized the “On-Demand” feature of the Drift Stream player to watch all of the action from both Friday and Saturday’s event.

“Overall we are excited to bring the Formula DRIFT experience to a worldwide audience in a way that would encapsulate a live look and feel and it was made possible through the support of Formula DRIFT, Belle-1 Communications, Mishimoto Automotive, Royal Purple and Need for Speed,” said Tom Masiero, co-founder of YoParts.com. “We were able to make that happen and are excited about creating a better viewing experience each event for the Formula DRIFT fan base.”

The Drift Stream will continue at Round 2: Road to the Championship on May 7-8 in Braselton, GA when Formula DRIFT returns to Road Atlanta. Last season Round 2 proved to be one of the most entertaining and exciting events of the season with Formula DRIFT champion Chris Forsberg taking the victory on his way to the championship.

For more info visit DriftStream