Formula DRIFT Atlanta PRO 2 By Winding Highway

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Formula DRIFT PRO 2: Atlanta Results

Congratulations to all the Pro2 drivers. Making the leap from ProAm to Pro2 take a lot of skill and determination. Cant wait to see what these guys and girl can do with a nice long break, next Pro2 event will be in Seattle August 4-5th.

FD photo by Larry Chen

The finals had a few shake up and unexpected events. Starting with Trent Beechum getting ‘taken out by a cone’. As Trent over-shot inside clip 1 he dropped over the rumble strips, picking up and cone and shattering all of his passenger side suspension. Matt Vankirk advanced.

Driver Spike Chen showed some real skill by qualifying in 13th place at his first Pro2 event. Spike came up short thou as his car ran out of gas during his lead run. Austin Meeks advanced.

In the final 4 number 2 qualifier, Dirk Stratton pushed a bit to hard and shot into the kitty litter. Randall Water took the win. Randall would later join him, loosing to Travis Reeder the same way.

The finals between Travis Reeder and Matt Vankirk looked to be a great battle between the 2 Pacific Northwest drivers. Unfortunately Matt succumb to mechanical problems and could not run. On his by-run Travis also had mechanical problems and only drifted about half the course.


Formula DRIFT PRO 2 Round 2 Atlanta Results

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Formula DRIFT PRO 2 Round 2 Atlanta Results;

Travis Reeder is Victorious and Moves to the Top of the Standings



Long Beach, Calif. – May 12, 2017 – The Formula DRIFT PRO 2 season continued to Road Atlanta. Travis Reeder takes the win and moves to the top of the PRO 2 standings.

PRO 2 entered Atlanta, GA for the second event of the season. The future stars of the sport took to the famous Road Atlanta track and put on a show for the devoted fans.

“PRO 2 has grown and now has its own fan base,” said Jim Liaw, President of Formula DRIFT. “This was proven tonight as fans stayed through the late hours at the track to watch the young talent compete.”

The semi-finals pitted Matt Vankirk in the Fortune Auto / Achilles Nissan 240 with Brody Goble in the BG Motorsports Nissan 240. Vankirk outdrove his opponent to move into the Finals. On the other side of the bracket Randall Waters faced Reeder, Waters was deemed at fault after contact on his chase run giving Reeder the win to move him into the Finals. The finals was anti-climatic as Vankirk experienced mechanical issues on the first run forcing him out of the competition to give Reeder the victory and moving him into the top spot in the standings after two events.

“I’m overwhelmed. My team did awesome and I want to thank everyone that had a hand in my program this year and believing in me, ” said Travis Reeder, winner of PRO 2: Atlanta. “I’m feeling really blessed right now and am going try to keep it consistent into the next round to keep the momentum going.”

Formula DRIFT continues to Round 4: The Gauntlet at Wall Speedway on June 2-3, 2017. For more information visit, and find Formula DRIFT on Instagram @formulad, Facebook, Twitter @FormulaDrift, and Snapchat – formula_drift. Tune into Formula DRIFT on CBS Sports and check your local listings for airtimes.

Formula DRIFT PRO 2: Atlanta Results

1. Reeder, Travis


2. Vankirk, Matt

2nd Place

3. Goble, Brody

3rd Place

4. Waters, Randall

4th Place

5. Stratton, Dirk

5th Place

6. Meeks, Austin

6th Place

7. Rahimi, Hooman

7th Place

8. Robbins, Alec

8th Place

9. George, Danny

9th Place

10. Robinson, Josh

10th Place

11. Hateley, Andy

11th Place

12. Szilveszter, Gyorgy

12th Place

13. Beechum, Trenton

13th Place

14. Jaeger, Ola

14th Place

15. Chen, Spike

15th Place

16. Filippi, Chris

16th Place

Formula DRIFT PRO 2 Round 1 Orlando Results

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Formula DRIFT PRO 2 Round 1 Orlando Results;
Hometown Hero Kevin Lawrence Takes the Victory



Long Beach, Calif. – April 28, 2017 – The Formula DRIFT PRO 2 season kicked off in Orlando Speed World. The hometown favorite, Kevin Lawrence in the Enjuku Racing / BC Racing / Hankook Tire Nissan 240 takes home the victory.

PRO 2 kicked off the season in sunny Orlando, Florida with the first of four competitions. The action packed event had many highlights throughout the day and showcased the talent of the rising stars of the sport.

“The level of talent within the PRO 2 rankings is quite impressive,” said Jim Liaw, President of Formula DRIFT. “What started as a stepping stone for many American drifters has now blossomed into an international field of drivers competing at a high level for their chance at a Pro license and the chance to drive against the best drifters in the world.”

The quarter-finals featured door to door action that was often too close to call. The competition between Brandon Schmidt and Kevin Lawrence had two “One more time,” battles with Lawrence eventually getting the call to move into the Finals. In the other half of the quarter-finals, Travis Reeder met Josh Robinson and in one of the most exciting moments of the day, Reeder while having a debeaded tire managed to maintain drift to move into the Finals, while Robinson secures the third place finish. In a close final battle, the Orlando native, Lawrence was able to edge out Reeder to get the victory and take the lead in the PRO 2 points standings.

“I couldn’t do this without the support of my team and partners including Enjuku Racing, Hankook Tire, BC Racing, Competition Clutch and Konig wheels and without these guys I wouldn’t be out here driving, ” said Kevin Lawrence, winner of PRO 2: Orlando. “To all my team that is just here throughout the day – changing tires and just sweating it out with me is all I can ask for.”

Formula DRIFT continues to Round 3: Road to the Championship at Road Atlanta on May 12-13. For more information visit, and find Formula DRIFT on Instagram @formulad, Facebook, Twitter @FormulaDrift, and Snapchat – formula_drift. Tune into Formula DRIFT on CBS Sports and check your local listings for airtimes.

Formula DRIFT PRO 2: Orlando Results

1. Lawrence, Kevin Winner
2. Reeder, Travis 2nd Place
3. Robinson, Josh 3rd Place
4. Schmidt, Brandon 4th Place
5. Waters, Randall 5th Place
6. Goble, Brody 6th Place
7. Stratton, Dirk
7th Place
8. Szilveszter, Gyorgy 8th Place
9. Lizardi, Luis
9th Place
10. Beechum, Trenton
10th Place
11. Rowlings, Kelsey 11th Place
12. Kiriakopoulos, George
12th Place
13. Vankirk, Matt
13th Place
14. George, Danny 14th Place
15. Meeks, Austin
15th Place
16. Brockway, Donovan 15th Place