Ford Mustang Teams Gear Up for Final Fight of 2014 Formula DRIFT Season at Irwindale Speedway

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Ford Mustang Teams Gear Up for Final Fight of 2014 Formula DRIFT Season at Irwindale Speedway



• Ford Mustang driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. battling for podium finish in Formula DRIFT series

• Along with former champion Gittin Jr., past winner and Mustang driver Justin Pawlak also competing

• Ford will announce “Drift with Ford” sweepstakes winner of custom EcoBoost®-powered Fiesta ST after final 2014 Formula DRIFT event

Long Beach, Calif. – September 23, 2014 – With only one race left in the 2014 Formula DRIFT season, Ford Motor Company heads to Irwindale Speedway in California looking to finish strong in the season finale there. Vaughn Gittin Jr., in third place, and Justin Pawlak, in seventh, will compete in customized Ford Mustangs Oct. 10-11, in the final fight of the seven-event series.

“I’m really pumped to be heading into the final fight of 2014 at Irwindale Speedway,” said Gittin Jr. “While we are no longer battling for the championship, we plan to hold our ground and take third overall in the series.”

“This is something I’m really excited about, given the challenges we had to overcome this season,” he added. “The progression of drifting never ceases to amaze me, and this year has been insane with regard to the level of competition. Our Ford Mustang RTR has been fully up to the task and continues to be a performance bar-setting machine, round after round. We are looking forward to fighting hard and ending the season on the top step.”

Ford has supported drivers in Formula DRIFT since 2005, when the sport triggered a successful Ford Racing Performance Parts engine development program for a supercharged 4.6-liter V8 crate engine.

“This has been a thrilling season for Ford in Formula DRIFT,” said Mickey Matus, Ford Racing marketing communications manager. “Vaughn and Justin consistently had Ford in the hunt for the manufacturer’s cup and driver’s championship. We’re confident they will continue to show that Ford and Mustang are serious competitors, not only in the world of Formula DRIFT, but in all form of motorsports.”

Amidst the excitement of North America’s foremost professional drifting championship, Ford continues to give fans the opportunity to enter to win an EcoBoost®-powered Fiesta ST. The sweepstakes winner will receive personal drift lessons from Gittin Jr., a trip to Ford’s ST Octane Academy, and a visit to Hoonigan Racing headquarters. The last day to enter the contest online is Oct. 13 at 11:59 a.m. EDT. Anyone can enter at while watching the hot action over the final weekend.

“Fiesta ST featuring the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine is a huge hit, especially among Formula DRIFT fans,” said Steve Ling, Ford car marketing manager. “We collaborated with Formula DRIFT to create an innovative way to give one to a lucky fan. We added lowering springs, an exhaust from Ford Racing Performance Parts, Rotiform 18-inch VCE wheels, Nitto NT555 ultra-high-performance tires and a K&N intake system to make this a true, one-of-one car. We had this hot new Fiesta ST at the season opener in Long Beach and will have it at the upcoming finale in California.”

The first official drifting series in North America, Formula DRIFT has taken competitive motorsports to the extreme – attracting enthusiasts from all walks of life. Highly skilled drivers maneuver high-powered cars into controlled slides at high speeds through a marked course. Judged on speed, execution and style rather than fastest time, drifting is a crowd pleaser that’s often compared to the freestyle nature of skateboarding and motocross.

The 2014 Formula DRIFT season will continue with Round 7: Final Fight at Irwindale Speedway on October 10-11. For more information visit: and find Formula DRIFT on Instagram @formulad, Facebook and Twitter @FormulaDrift.


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Panoramic video has found its way onto the racetrack courtesy of Chabin Mullen and Sendit Productions. As an experienced extreme sports producer who has worked for ESPN and filmed countless major events, Mullen’s current focus is producing the Formula Drift Professional Drifting Championship Series for NBC Sports.

Formula Drift is the world’s premier professional drifting circuit featuring drivers from around the world and a nationwide series of events. In addition to producing Formula Drift for television, Mullen and his team are utilizing 360Heros gear to present the action with a panoramic field of view:

Image courtesy of Chabin Mullen and Sendit Productions

Prior to Formula Drift, Mullen’s previous work includes producing the Pro Wakeboarding Tour, Boardstock, The US Open of Surfing, the US Open of Snowboarding and the Vans Triple Crown of both wakeboarding and skateboarding.

With such a high profile resume, Mullen approaches production with the same boundary-shattering mentality that his subject matter lives by. This is evident in his willingness to adopt 360° video as a medium and to start filming motor sports in an innovative new fashion.

The content Sendit Productions uploads to the 360Heros hosting center allow viewers to experience drift racing from every angle. A midst all of the smoke and engine revving, viewers can explore the action and get a more realistic feel for the driver’s perspective. The 360Heros team caught up with Mullen to discuss Formula Drift and his use of 360º video to share it with the public:

“I’ve only been messing with it for a couple months. Really the possibilities are out there to utilize 360. We’re able to now export them into QuickTime files and do different editing. It’s really cool that you can see a fully panoramic view of what happens on the racetrack. Everyone I’ve shown is kind of blown away by it especially when I show it on an iPad – they really like the ‘steering’ aspect.”

The steering comparison is fairly appropriate in this case, as the 360Heros Video Viewer app allows Mullen’s viewers and clients to physically interact with their mobile device and his content.

Aside from enjoying the interactive features and limitless field of view, Mullen sees a broad range of potential for 360 video:

“The applications and possibilities for viewing 360 are really cool. I’m really stoked about the creativity that is possible with 360 video. The fact that you can put it on a drone, a zip line, or any kind of mounting device you want and that there’s a ton of different applications makes it a great product.”

In terms of our hosting center, Mullen is one of our top producers with his selection of high quality and engaging content. Just as our casual viewers like checking out his drift racing content, Mullen enjoys the hosting service’s benefits from the perspective of the producer:

“Actually having hosting is pretty nice. It’s good that you guys are out there. I think it’s great and I’m pretty happy that it’s available. I like the fact that you guys are promoting me and it helps me a little bit more. It’s cool that you guys are interacting with your producers.”

With a great selection of 360 video content already uploaded to our server,  we’re excited to see what else Sendit Productions has in store. When we asked Mullen about his plans for this technology, he revealed aspirations that include capturing wakeboarding content, filming the Redbull Air Race in 360 and shooting underwater footage. Whether Sendit Productions sticks to the race track or drifts to a new focus, it sounds like Mullen and his team are just getting started with 360.


[COVERAGE] FD Texas: Light At The End Of The Tunnel by Larry Chen

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Passion – it’s the common element that binds different generations of automotive enthusiasts. So whether it’s slammed, chopped, Pebble Beach Concours, stance, WRC, NASCAR, JDM or Formula 1 – as long as you have a passion for it, it’s always right. While I love anything and everything car related, drifting is in my blood and – much to my delight – has become a worldwide phenomenon amongst a rabid generation of car nuts.

When I recently missed a round of Formula Drift, you know I must have had a good reason – and I did. Instead of being trackside to watch cars going sideways, I was bedside to watch the birth of my first child. That little pause in the action, so to speak, gave me a new appreciation for what the FD paddock has to offer. Let me explain…


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[COVERAGE] Formula Drift Texas – Pro 2 Top 16 to Podium By AMDRIFT.COM

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Texas Motor Speedway was the 3rd stop on the Formula Drift Pro 2 schedule this past weekend. With one more round to go in the Formula Drift season after Texas, the results of Pro 2 Round 3 were bound to mix up the points just enough to make for an exciting race for the championship. Geoff Stoneback is currently on top of the points, with 6 drivers nipping at his heels for the title.

 DKAR-1With unpredictable weather leading up to the Top 16 show, the track was a mix of all sorts of driving surfaces, never being consistent due to a rainstorm that rolled in hours before, and the continuous spitting from the clouds as the night moved on. What worked in dry qualifying the night before, was obviously not going to work in competition. We know that most of our readers don’t want to sit through a 2 hour long replay full of commercials and track delays, so we break down all the action Cliff Note’s style, or “TLDR – Too Long Didn’t Read” style, for our attention span challenged friends. We have something in common.

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