The 1of1 Long Beach Showcase, Registration Has Opened

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Somewhere along the way it all got twisted. Somehow, car shows devolved from gatherings of the talented and inspired into mad assemblies of competitive lust. Representing your crew and area code, working towards a magazine photo shoot and cheap sponsorships. Darkened convention center halls, fog machines and girls seeking the MTV lottery.

Remember when shows were about getting together with people from across town, county and state, and checking the local flavor? When cats took time to explain how they did a wire tuck instead of telling you to Google it? We remember those days. And we’re bringing them back. One/One isn’t reinventing the car show; it’s refining it. Come see how at the opening round of the 2010 Formula D season, April 9-10, at the Long Beach Grand Prix.

One/One will be showcasing 4 of today’s top builders from Southern California in an open forum, taking questions from the audience. No pretense. All passion. Sharing ideas, passing knowledge. The infamous PJ Bonafacio and his classic cars, Brandon from Bowls, San Diego’s own, Auto Fashion, and Judson Bryan from JDM EGO. They’ll all be displaying their latest creations and will be around to talk about their builds.

We’ll have awards. Everyone appreciates recognition for their efforts, even better if it helps offset some of the build costs. But trophies aren’t what car shows are about. Don’t think we’re just trippin’ on nostalgia. We’ve got the latest goods from the hottest hands. We’ve got DJs you HAVE heard of. We’re Bringing the Ruckus, one of the most contemporary trends out of L.A., via Japan. And the Gallery, where you can see VIP, Classic, Time Attack/Drift, and Flushed cars. 150 Spots where we’ll divide the cars up by style. If you’re a team wanting to display together, we can do that too. There will also be a Motorcycle/Ruckus category. Limited space is available for car show competitors and teams. We’ll be hand selecting “the best of the best” from each region on the Formula Drift Tour. Please tell us about your love for your car and we hope to see you at the next event. Even if you don’t make it into the show due to limited space, we’d still love to meet you and talk to you at the show. We love cars too, and we’ll be at every show, personally.

starts today. $35 per car which includes 2 tickets to both the show and drift event. $20 per ruckus which includes 1 ticket.

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Disc Brakes Australia Contingency Program for Formula DRIFT 2010

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Disc Brakes Australia Contingency Program for Formula DRIFT 2010

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) would like to propose that for 2010 Formula DRIFT competitors this season, a $250.00 consolation prize for the driver/team that comes 33rd and does not qualify for the weekend of the Drift Event. We think that even though they have not had a great weekend, at least the money can help remove some of the disappointment of being last.

To be eligible the driver must have a DBA Sticker/Decal displayed on his vehicle.

A check will be presented after qualifying has been determined.

DBA looks forward to being part of this year’s Formula DRIFT Season.

NOS Energy Drink Television Commercial Featuring Chris Forsberg and Drifting

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On February 19, NOS Energy Drink filmed a commercial featuring ’09 Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA. The commercial, slated to begin airing later this month on select NASCAR broadcasts, also highlights Forsberg’s crew and Jarod DeAnda, the voice of Formula DRIFT. 2010 will be the second season of the Forsberg-NOS partnership. For more information including air-times and schedule please visit

Fantasy Drift Launched

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The long awaited game for Formula DRIFT has arrived on Wrecked Magazine. Once you register you become a Formula DRIFT general manager commanding a roster of four drivers. You can compete in public leagues where you can invite friends and have randomly assigned players join to fill the league. You can also run a private league which requires you to invite anyone you want to play into your game. So start a league with work, your drift buddies, or some degenerates from your favorite car forum and draft up for Long Beach!

The game will allow you to score one point for these 10 categories:
1.Top 32 (Anytime a Driver Of Yours Makes It Into the Top 32 You Will Receive One Point)
2.Top 16 (Anytime a Driver Of Yours Makes It Into the Top 16 You Will Receive One Point)
3.Top 8 (Anytime a Driver Of Yours Makes It Into the Top 8 You Will Receive One Point)
4.Podium (Anytime a Driver Of Yours Makes It On Podium You Will Receive One Point Regardless of what Place on the Podium)
5.Vehicle Malfunction (One point will be rewarded to your team if any driver on your team has some sort of vehicle malfunction)
Example: This could be anything from blowing a transmission to not starting at the line.
6.Wreck Tow Off (One point will be rewarded to your team if any driver on your team wrecks his car and must be towed off the course by a tow truck.)
7.Wreck Drive Off (One point will be rewarded to your team if any driver on your team wrecks and is able to drive off on his own will.)
Example: For your driver to qualify into this category he must leave some parts on the track. No bumper taps will count here.
8.One More Time (One point will be rewarded to your team if every time a driver on your roster participates in a One More Time battle regardless of what round he is in.)
9.UnderDog (One point will be rewarded to your team if every time a driver on your roster wins a tandem round of drifting against someone who qualified better than him at the current event.)
10.Team Tire Podium (One point will be rewarded to your team if any driver on your roster who shares a tire company with a driver on the podium.)
Example: Note that your own driver will not count for this. For example, if you have Michael Essa and he runs Maxxis Tires you will receive points at 2009 Irwindale Speedway Round 7 since Ryan Tuerck was on the podium.

If your not a Fantasy Game professional we understand and if the all the information is a little overwhelming theyhave made two tutorial videos on how to get going:

1. How to Register/Draft:
2. How to Play the Game:

Where to Bookmark For the 2010 Season: