See SHIFT 2 Unleashed at the Need For Speed SoCal Launch Meet

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Come celebrate the launch of SHIFT 2 Unleashed and see the cars, both in-game and in person, on Saturday, March 26th! SHIFT 2 will be at Source Interlink Media in El Segundo, CA for the “NEED FOR SPEED SoCal – Powered by SpeedHunters” car meet. Here are the details:

What: “Need for Speed SoCal – Powered by SpeedHunters” is a car meet that celebrates the upcoming launch of SHIFT 2 Unleashed and highlights elite Team Need for Speed cars as well as top vehicles in the SoCal Area. You’ll see Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s one-off Mustang RTR-X, Chris Rado’s 1400hp Time Attack Scion tC, the Twins Turbo Dodge Viper drag car, and approximately 50 other top cars in the SoCal scene.

When: Saturday, March 26 from 1-6pm (PST)

Where: Source Interlink Media – 831 S. Douglas St. El Segundo, CA

Who: Formula Drift 2010 Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr., Time Attack Record Holder Chris Rado and renowned car builders Twins Turbo will be in attendance and available for interviews. Also on hand will be former Miss Formula Drift Miki Taka and the Team Need for Speed Girls.

Other Details: SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED will be featured on 2 D-Box simulator chairs and there will be a time attack competition for consumers as well as frequent random draws for great swag.

And of course, the event is totally FREE to the public! Make sure you check it out and be sure to share pictures with us on Facebook.

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GT Channel: Taro Koki Blogs About Formula Drift Abu Dhabi

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GT Channel Taro Koki post event pictures from Formula Drift Abu Dhabi.

“Although not as serious as some of the things that have been happening in the Middle East, something pretty epic happened last week at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi on Friday. Formula Drift held its first exhibition event in the Middle East.”

Jim Liaw, president of Formula Drift said, “I think we completely exceeded their expectations.” That was an understatement. They had to open up additional seats. The crowd went nuts. It was more like a grand slam homerun.

Click to read more from GT Channel Taro Blog.

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Behind the Scenes – Designing the Need for Speed Livery

Posted on put out a great article on the behind the scenes in designing the teams’ livery. They did a great job explaining the design process.

By Andy Blackmore
It is is quite unusual, as a designer, to be allowed to show the design process and show the designs which didn’t make it, but thanks to Speedhunters, I’m able to share some of the behind the scenes work on the Team Need for Speed livery design.

I started sketching some ideas for the Team Need for Speed livery on the last day of 2009. Rod and Patrick had introduced me to the Team Need for Speed concept and it was my task to create a livery which would work in multiple arenas. Not an easy task, on one hand it was a great opportunity, but the on other hand it was ‘how the hell am I going to pull that off!’

I have been very fortunate and have designed hundreds of liveries in my time, around 60 have seen the light of day. Many stay inside unsuccessful sponsorship proposals which teams and drivers had presented. This was probably the hardest design to work on…. well there was this Panoz livery once…..

We knew early on, Team Need for Speed would make its debut in GT racing and Drifting. Two diverse disciplines. In order for the livery to work and be recognizable as a Team Need for Speed identity it had to have a strong graphic which set itself apart from other cars on the grid.

The livery had to work in both arenas, which was an additional challenge.

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